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Second Shot: The Curling Musical

Well, folks, I’m in a musical.

But not just any musical.

An original musical.

An original musical about curling.

There is a number about poutine in it.


I love Best Kind Productions so much, and my dear friends Tim and Kiersten have been working on this musical for years, and I am honoured AF to get to play blunt club-owner Shirley in their premiere.

(A month before the first pandemic shutdown, I was in Best Kind’s [title of show], which was incredibly fun and relatively relaxed, there being only 7 people in rehearsal room. All 7 of us are in this new rehearsal room as well, so it feels a bit like a reunion of sorts.)

We are well into rehearsals now and I gotta say, it’s a lot like the old times in there (masks notwithstanding). There are twenty of us in a noisy room. We are learning dances. We are singing songs. We’re coming up with new clown turns on the regular. We’re having an incredible amount of fun making this thing and I think that bodes well for the amount of fun that can be had watching it.

Visit the Arts & Culture Centre box office for tickets.

A square promo graphic. It reads 'Second Shot, the curling musical, Oct 6-8.' The lettering is red and blue, and both O's in the title are curling rocks seen from above. The title is backgrounded by a blue ring like the outer ring of a curling house, and half of the graphic has ice behind it. The Best Kind Productions logo is in the upper right-hand corner and the Arts & Culture Centre logo is in the bottom left-hand corner.