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Original at the CLB

Hello Internet, today is Thursday, September 10th, and TOMORROW I am doing a REAL LIVE SHOW to an audience who will be PHYSICALLY IN THE SAME ROOM AS ME.

It all started with a very kind offer from the Lt. Governor and her staff to allow socially distanced theatre performances on the lawn at Government House through August and September. But now, as it’s calling for rain, the show is going to be at the CLB (82 Harvey Road) as a sort of indoor picnic. The place is huge, so it will still be physically distanced.

While we are sad not to have the chance to do the show outdoors where, honestly, it belongs, we want folks to see it and not be soaking wet. So, here we are!

Tickets are $25 ($27.54 after fees), and you can order lunch from Hungry Heart or bring something along with you.

Produced by PerSIStence Theatre. (Limited) tickets available here. Facebook event here.