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A Place to Call Home: Living Heritage at Cupids

Tomorrow is the end of August, and frankly, that seems impossible.

I’ve been directing my face off all summer long (not literally – my face is still there on the front of my head – but figuratively it has been directed right off). Between Power ProductionsCrippled, Artistic Fraud‘s I Forgive You and The Imaginary Real, I have also (finally) done my first (but not my last!) project in beautiful Cupids.

This website wasn’t up and running yet when this project started up, so instead I will include it here as a late-summer last-chance notification.

For years, the Cupids Legacy Centre and Perchance Theatre have been working with Trudy Morgan-Cole on a living heritage project: characters from Cupids’ past guide patrons through the exhibit, telling stories.

Inspired by the 16 women who came to Cupids in 1612 and whose names are not preserved by history, the first person we meet is Kathryn Guy (also a primary character in Trudy’s trilogy-in-progress), then her maybe-descendant Sam Rowe, and finally his granddaughter Louisa Dawe. The piece is an exploration of the kinds of things that don’t get written down in books and learned as ‘history.’ I started working on the project as the workshop actor for Kathryn, and was just delighted to be asked to direct this project in its pilot season. With performances by Bruce Brenton, Steve O’Connell, Nicole Redmond and Monica Walsh, it was an easy (and super-fun) task to get the stories ready for an audience.

A Place to Call Home has been running since July 14th and closes September 4th. Showtimes are 11am, 1pm and 3pm Wednesday through Sunday. Visit the Cupids Legacy Centre Website for more information.

Poster for Cupids Legacy Centre's 'A Place to Call Home: Living Heritage at Cupids'
A Place to Call Home: Living Heritage at Cupids is a live interactive experience with actors cast in time sensitive period costumes who deliver an historic yet fictional and insightful exploration of Cupids from 1610 to the mid-20th century.
In partnership with Cupids own theatre company Perchance Theatre at Cupids and based on the writing of exemplary fiction author Trudy Morgan-Cole, the production defines Cupids through the centuries through an analysis of what home means to different generations, the battles they fought and the challenges they overcame.
11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm
Cost: $8.65 (HST included)
Photo of Nicole Redmond as Louisa Dawe, Monica Walsh as Kathryn Guy, and Bruce Brenton as Sam Rowe in front of a white clapboarded wall with two windows.
Poster courtesy of Cupids Legacy Centre.