Sticker chart update

Hello Internet! Today is Sunday, May 10th – Happy Mother’s Day!

This post is more than a week late, if we’re counting time by how fast I finish my sticker charts. But here it is…. (drumroll…)

At the risk of speaking too soon… I think things have stabilized a little. You’ll see a little window where I was lazy about writing practice (sorry, future writer self), but the combination of setting myself reasonable goals and getting used to the situation has led to fewer, or less deep, low points.

Also very exciting news:

Pals. I.



And also some pretty amazing friends who went out of their way, unbidden, to find me stickers for my chart. So in another week, you’ll see them in action. I have enough room on the current chart to get me to the end of the Playwrights’ Retreat I’m doing, so we’ll see how the routine holds up to actual work.