Sticker chart update – now with stickers!

The last two weeks – enhanced by stickers


In addition to the checklist-style stickers, I’ve added some bonus stickers for particular achievements. The toucan is for submitting a grant application. The bear way over to the right is about bucking up for a reading of my play (thanks to the fabulous folks at PARC). And the hedgehog? That’s for FILING MY TAXES! (See? It’s done! I know you were all invested.)

I’ve decided to make a couple of really minor changes based on the reality of what is actually good for me. Here they are:

I think just making the conscious decision to or to not do these things is the thing I need.

So that’s how it’s going right now. Today is the last day of the Playwrights’ Retreat. And Goon River continues! Here are the last couple of episodes:

Stay well.