The Canadian Play Thing: Factory Girls

Hello, Internet! Today is Friday, April 17th, and tomorrow, a bunch of awesome Canadian actors are going to read a play of mine.

Factory Girls was my Master’s Thesis. It’s a big, unwieldy, two-act play for 10 women about the women who worked in Toronto’s munitions factories during World War I. I loved writing it, but I really haven’t looked at it since August. I’m not entirely sure what the next steps for it are, since it is, as mentioned, big, and unwieldy, and there are 10 actors in it (for context, my prior plays have been for 3, then 2, and then 1, so 10 is a lot… plus there’s a moving set and some dadaist elements and… it’s just far bigger than any show I’ve ever been able to produce).

So, when I found out about The Canadian Play Thing, I figured: what a great opportunity to connect with some folks outside of my immediate community. One of the weird silver linings of this very odd, not-my-favourite period in time is that geographical boundaries are suddenly irrelevant; when you can’t be in the same room, it doesn’t really matter if your colleagues are next door or on the other side of the country.

The reading is happening by Zoom at 2:30pm Pacific, which is 7pm in Newfoundland. If you’d like to tune in, you can click this link at showtime and it will take you there.

I’m very grateful to Janet Munsil and to the generous actors she has been able to drum up to contribute their time.