TipJar: a crisis-era podcast for good

Hello Internet, today is Monday, January 23rd, and last week some friends and I started a podcast.

Graphic by Luke Quinton

A brief timeline of how this came to pass:

Friday, March 13: COVID-19 measures cancel at least the first two weeks of the BC leg of the Between Breaths tour;

Saturday, March 14: I start thinking… a bunch of artists are going to have some spare time and will be needing a creative outlet. And also, the CAPE Fund needs some love;

Sunday, March 15: I mention the possibility of maybe possibly making some sort of online audio content that could become a means of fundraising for CAPE to known mover-and-shaker Andie Bulman. I am very vague and have basically no fixed idea of what this possible content is;

Sunday, March 15, like 40 seconds later: Andie recruits sound engineer/graphic designer/cool human I have yet to meet in person because Social Isolation Time Luke Quinton and we are fleshing out ideas;

Sunday, March 15, perhaps 2 whole minutes after that: Andie has recruited a roster of cool suddenly-out-of-work artists and is setting up interviews;

Monday, March 16 through Thursday, March 19: recording-editing blah blah graphics yada yada hosting services doodlidoo distribution etc etc

Friday, March 20: TipJar: a crisis-era podcast for good is a real thing that really exists and can be downloaded anywhere you normally get your podcasts.

The first (and so far only) episode features Elizabeth Hicks, Eda Kumquat, Trudy J. Morgan-Cole and Andrea Monro. Listeners are encouraged to make a donation here.