Sanity Routine – a checklist

Hello Internet! Today is Monday, March 30th, and I’ve been more or less stuck inside my house for 2 weeks now.

Self-isolation is balls. There, I said it. It’s necessary and socially responsible and my Goodness do we ever need to contain the spread of the virus, but it’s also just a mental-health funnel. You start at the top of it but it’ll just shunt you right down into inactivity, social isolation, and all of the terrible things that happen in our brains when that becomes our norm. PLUS, the stress of financial uncertainty, the total inability to plan farther than 1 day ahead… all of it is real bad.

To make it less balls, I have made myself this spreadsheet, which is for stickers. I don’t have stickers yet (I have to go into a store to get stickers, so I’m waiting until I can combine it with a big supply shop) so for now I’m just drawing smilies into the boxes.

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This is where we’re at, my friends #sanity #kindergartenstrategies

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Some folks have indicated that they would like to have this spreadsheet too, so here it is. It was made for tabloid printing so make sure to check your print settings so that you don’t get 1/4 of it when you try to print it out.