Return to ‘Original’

Hello Internet! Today is Saturday, February 1st, and I am glad to announce a new life for Original.

HALL Original-Poster

More than a year after the original production of Original (I love saying that, it’s not confusing at all), I am working with director Berni Stapleton, sound designer Kathryn Burke, and stage manager Jaimie Tait on a new edition of this little solo show.

We’re returning to the roots, so to speak: the work as a piece of storytelling. There are some changes to the text – because history is being made every day and there’s always a new reason to be enraged or inspired – and we are stripping the show bare – just our three women, sharing space with an audience, telling a story.

After a very short run at the show’s home at the LSPU Hall in the Cox & Palmer Second Space, the show will be doing a few dates in Ontario and Quebec with our friends at Bear & Co., and then a small tour of Newfoundland, including dates in Corner Brook and in the Clarenville area. Keep an eye on this page for details.