Gratitude for Original

Hello Internet, today is Tuesday, December 4th, and the dust is just settling after the run of Original. And I have a story for you:
Harding 9

Photo by Ashley Harding Photography

Last weekend, I wrote a final report to the City of St. John’s. A year ago they gave me a little grant to put toward the production of Original.
In a final report, you have to tell them how it went, highlighting in particular anything that happened differently in real life from how you planned it. Generally, best-case, you get to say “it all went pretty much the way I said it would.” At least, that was my best-case, until this project.
The grant application I wrote for Original a year ago described a solo show with minimal tech in a gym or art gallery, put together by an actor/producer, a director, and a stage manager/designer. That was the team, because the budget was tiny.
Instead, Persistence Theatre Company got behind this little show, hired the best humans available to build it, and then let it grow. This costume, this set, these lights, the soundscape… none of that was in the plan a year ago. But here we are, packing away all of those elements in the hopes that, in the not-too-distant future, we can pull them out again and put the show back together.
For the first time in my grant-writing career, my final report says that the real-life project goes way beyond the proposal.
To celebrate, here are a few other pictures taken by Ashley Harding Photography, and a very fine review written by Dr. Andrew Loman, who is a faculty member in Memorial University’s department of English.



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