Hello, Internet, today is Thursday, November 29th… the day after opening!


This brilliant photo by Ashley Harding Photography

There is a review now. It is here.

Also, I thought I’d share the Playwright’s Note for the programme with you here:

“If you resist, you can change your story.”
There are three women – weird, otherworldly, not-quite-human creatures – who know the future. Shakespeare wrote these sisters into Macbeth. The ancient Greeks called them the Fates. In Norse mythology they are maidens, but there is a twist: they write the stories, but fate isn’t fixed. Your choices influence your future.
Here are three women – old as time, human but undying – on whose stories our culture is founded. Eve, who ate the apple. Pandora, who opened the box. Embla, who carries the burden of life. Original is an attempt to reclaim their stories, to tell them in their voices. Maybe, by giving these women a voice, we can change the stories that are told about them and, by extension, the culture that is rooted in them. I believe in the power of stories to change the world.
This piece represents a number of firsts for me as an actor, playwright and storyteller, and I dedicate it to the incredibly supportive theatre and storytelling communities of St. John’s that made it possible. Thanks especially to Jenn and to the board of PerSIStence who have believed in this particular story from the beginning. And thanks to you for coming in to share this story with us.
You can also download the whole programme if you like.
Original, running until Sunday, December 2nd at the LSPU Hall. Tickets are available here.