The Stars Are Always Brighter When The Lights Go Out

Hello, Internet, today is Wednesday, October 10th, also known as Off-Book Day for:

I had the joy of running a dramaturgical workshop for this sweet little show in December of 2016, and here it is in its fully-developed form – and I get to directed it! I am the luckiest.

Tim has put together a beautiful play about human connection, and we have assembled a little team of folks who deeply love this story and this work. And today I get to watch 5 of them put down their scripts and look each other in the face. Which, in a play about human connection, is pretty important. So I’m awfully excited.

Tickets are only $20 and this play is a little light in a world that seems increasingly dark. So leave your social media at home and come down. This is a special one: a product of pure love, and of a community that comes together to make a bit of magic in a theatre for a weekend. I love this show and I want you to see it.