Between Breaths (reprise)

Hello Internet, today is Thursday September 20th (what?) and I am currently sitting in the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre as the brand new audience seating is being installed and, concurrently, the technical director of Between Breaths does a line check in preparation for tomorrow morning’s show.

You remember Between Breaths, of course, Faithful Reader. The totally gorgeous show, the latest collaboration between playwright Robert Chafe and director Jillian Keiley about the life and work of Dr. Jon Lien. The show that sold out the LSPU Hall for a two-week run in July.

Wellll Contact East is in town and we’re showcasing a concert version of the show tomorrow morning at 10:30. Our little white set looks great on this big stage and I’m so lucky to be spending my week with this incredible team again.

There are more (brand new!) seats in here than there are conference delegates, so if you want to come see the show you absolutely can! Tickets here.