Shakespeare’s Will

Hello Internet, it’s Wednesday, August 1st, and my dear friend Eleanor Crowder (the face on the poster) is in town. We’re getting ready to tour Newfoundland with Vern Thiessen’s Shakespeare’s Will, produced by Ottawa-based Bear & Co. The evening of William Shakespeare’s funeral, his wife Ann returns home with instructions to read his will. She relives her relationship with her husband, from courtship and early marriage to the final throes. I’m very happy to be managing this tour on behalf of skc originals, and we’re very excited to be presented by five awesome theatre companies: August 3rd, 6pm at Kenny’s Pond in St. John’s (Shakespeare by the Sea) August 6th, 8:30pm at the Ethie Room in Cow Head (Theatre Newfoundland Labrador) August 9th, 7:30pm at Quality Hotel Gander (Beyond the Overpass) August 10th, 7:30pm at Shoal Harbour United (New Curtain Theatre) August 12th, 7pm at Perchance Theatre in Cupids See here for more information about the play. See here for skc originals’ partnership news.