Between Breaths

Hello, Internet, today is Thursday, July 19th, opening night of Artistic Fraud of Newfoundland’s premiere production of Between Breaths.

This is the latest from Governor General Award-winning playwright and Artistic Fraud Artistic Director Robert Chafe, and it tells the story of Dr. Jon Lien, a professor of animal psychology who taught at Memorial University and who wound up rescuing whales who had gotten themselves tangled in fishing nets. Dr. Lien bridged the divide between environmentalism and industry, showing empathy both for the whale and for the fisherman who stood to lose the net that was so vital to his livelihood.

I love this show.

I’m honoured to be working on it as Assistant Director, under Jillian Keiley, who is kind of a big deal. The Once composed the score and it’s gorgeously played by Steve Maloney, Brianna Gosse, and Kevin Woolridge, with musical direction by the incredible Kellie Walsh. The acting company are the brilliant Steve O’Connell, Berni Stapleton, and Darryl Hopkins and the design team is equally star-studded: Leigh Ann Vardy, Shawn Kerwin, and Brian Kenny. Stage and Production Management are by Crystal Laffoley and Mara Bredovskis, respectively, who are two of my favourite humans in addition to being the best in the biz.

The team is great, the play is great, the music is great. It’s a good show. Don’t miss it.

LSPU Hall, July 19-29, 8pm except 2pm on Sundays, no show on Monday. Get your tickets here.