Abraham Sacrifiant

Hello Internet, today is Monday, February 12th.

Women Playing Hamlet closed on Saturday (it was super fun, by the way) and I am already well and truly on to the next thing – how lucky am I? So freaking lucky!

Abraham Sacrifiant is a French play from the mid-16th century by Théodore de Bèze. It expands on the story of Abraham and Isaac from the book of Genesis, a popular tale in medieval history plays and an unforgettable display of faith to anyone who has read it. Dr. Anne Graham has translated it into English and a small team of performers, scholars and director/dramaturges have been working to make it as accessible as possible, and on Thursday, we get to read it for you!

The staged reading is directed by Ian Campbell as features Glenn Gaulton, Brad Stone, Michael Smith, Elizabeth Hicks, and my own very fortunate self. There will be period music before and after (I am so excited about this!) and a reception with snacks to follow. Plus, it’s free! If you are a theatre history nerd, you should be there.

Thursday, February 15th, 8:00pm. Cox & Palmer Second Space at the LSPU Hall. Check it out on Facebook here.