Story Walk

Hello Internet, today is Wednesday, October 11th, and in 3 short days, I will be participating in the St. John’s Storytelling Festival.

The event I’m doing is the Story Walk through the MUN Botanical Gardens, alongside Irish tellers Jack Lynch and Len Graham, and local dancer and teller Louise Moyes, with Catherine Wright hosting. The plan is that we’ll stroll through the gardens, and stop every now and then along the way to hear a story. (There is a plan for rain, too, so please come anyway if it’s miserable out.)

These folks are great, and I’m honoured to be telling alongside them. Here is a video of Jack Lynch telling a story. Here is Len Graham singing a ballad. And here is Louise telling a story from If A Place Could Be Made, her latest piece with her collaborator Diana Daly.

Join us (rain or shine!) at 2pm on Saturday, October 14th, and check out the rest of the festival!