Some thankfulness

Hello, Internet, today is Wednesday, October 11th, the week after Thanksgiving, and I have some thanks to dole out.

From September 27th to October 2nd, skc originals had the opportunity to co-produce a workshop of a work in progress with brand new feminist theatre company Persistence Theatre. Persistence has just leapt onto the scene with an inaugural production of Robert Chafe’s Isle of Demons, which opened September 27th and ran until October 1st, so it was a busy week for them!

Persistence Theatre’s mission is feminist: they are working to promote the core beliefs of feminism through theatre. When Artistic Director Jenn Deon announced their mandate in January, I wrote her right away with original. I gave her a draft – a far cry from a full one, or a ready one, or anything even really resembling an actual script… but she believed in it anyway, and agreed to help me to produce a workshop and staged reading. Their fundraising efforts are nothing short of Herculean. (We need a mythological Greek woman to analogize here… Athenian? No, that’s taken. Nikean. There, that’s the word now. After Nike, who was a goddess before she was a sneaker.) Thanks to them and their faith in this project, we were able to double my meager budget, making the workshop possible.

That original meager budget came from the City of St. John’s, so much thanks to them as well. They get an bonus “thank you” for allowing me to spend their money on St. John’s artists, working in St. John’s venues, but with the staged reading taking place in Mt. Pearl because, well, good space is hard to find, and there is a GREAT space called The Annex behind Admiralty House Museum. Speaking of that, thanks also belong to the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl for arranging for us to be in The Annex for the reading, and to Business and Arts NL and the St. John’s Arts & Culture Centre for giving us rooms to work in as we prepared.

It must also be said that the piece may not even have reached Jenn and Persistence’s receptive arms without the Arts & Culture Centre Playwright’s Unit, in which I was fortunate to participate from October 2016 to June 2017.

With Berni (left) and Sara after the reading

And of course, I have to thank the incredible artists who saw this workshop through: Willow Kean, Berni Stapleton, and Sara Tilley are wonderful, generous artists and women who immediately got behind the project and my vision for it. It is a direct result of their thoughts and support that the script took a huge stride forward in the 6 days of the workshop.

So, thanks to all of those amazing people. And the people who came to see me read my thing. And all the people who support my writing in general, and my playwriting in particular. Watch for original in Peristence Theatre’s 2018-19 season!