Fun Home

Hello, Internet, today is Monday, October 16th, and we’re circling the runway with Fun Home, so I’d better tell you about it!

Fun Home is a musical based on the memoir of the same name by Alison Bechdel. You might have heard of Bechdel from “the Bechdel Test” – which is passed when a movie contains a conversation between two women about a topic that is not a man – but that is not the best thing she’s done by a long shot. Bechdel is the cartoonist behind Dykes to Watch Out For, and the author of two heart-rending memoirs about growing up in her family.

Fun Home is about her Dad, who covered up his attraction to men by marrying a woman, having three children with her, and running something as close to a typical life in Pennsylvania as one can when one is a funeral director; and her own sexual discovery, and the ways in which one may have influenced the other.

If it sounds complicated – it is. It’s rich and textured and beautiful and Best Kind Productions is presenting its Atlantic Canadian premiere October 26-29th at the LSPU Hall. Tickets are here.