The Paper Bag Princess & Twisted Fairytales

For my second children’s show of the summer, I am directing The Paper Bag Princess And Other Stories by Robert Munsch for TaDa! Kids* as part of the Town of Paradise’s SunSplash Family Fun Day.

This is a cute little show that we’ve divided into two parts to accommodate the structure of the entertainment that day. The cast is Dave Bartlett, Adrien Doucet, Tanya Lasby, and Kristin Murphy, and they are awesome.

The two halves are from 1:10-1:30pm and 4:30-5pm.

If you’re there for the afternoon, you can also catch Kristin Murphy and me in TaDa! Kids*’ Twisted Fairtytales, a literacy-based performance where we read and act out some fairytales that are not quite as you remember them. But beware – we may ask you do to some of the acting. That’s at 3:30pm.

The whole event costs $5 to get in (cash at the door) and will be at Octagon Pond.