Ready to go!

Hello Internet, today is Wednesday, May 31st, and we are ready to go in Twillingate!

After two great days of rehearsal in St. John’s, we got up this morning, picked up the van, picked up some rentals, picked up each other and a few changes of clothes and drove ourselves to Twillingate.


On the road again!

The van was skillfully packed by our pal BK this morning, so the challenge is on: can we remember how he fit it all in when we have to pack it all up again? Only time will tell.

With a quick stop in Gander to pick up some stage weights (thanks to Brian and Claude of the Gander Arts & Culture Centre!) and eat some long-awaited lunch, we headed up the Gander Bay Highway and started to just… marvel. The pack ice hasn’t fully unpacked itself up here and there are pieces floating in close to the shore all over the place. We didn’t get out of the car to take pictures, but there are some walks planned for tomorrow between shows.

We checked in to our digs (a brand new motel that still smells like fresh paint) and headed to J. M. Olds Collegiate to set up the gear.


Go Tigers!

I love how our little play looks so at home in school gyms. I love it so much.

I had a chance to shake hands with teacher Melissa Blackler and health worker Allison Vincent, who were so instrumental in bringing us here, and then Evan, Laura, Crystal and I collectively remembered which bits go where and how all the pieces go together.


I think the curtains set the paw prints off quite nicely!

Once the set up was done, we took the opportunity to run through the transitions, and were headed back to our digs, which are conveniently attached to a lounge that serves food until midnight, but we had to stop to take some pictures, because this is where we are right now:


9pm, May 31, 2017, Twillingate

Not a bad way to end a full day of doing this thing we love.