The Good Body

Hello, Internet, it’s Wednesday, September 21st, and I’m fresh off a special out-of-province presentation of woman, naked., and directing another play about womanhood and body image!


The Good Body, by Eve Ensler (playwright of The Vagina Monologues) tackles the idea of being “good,” being a “good” girl, a “good” woman, being small, taking up the least space possible. Being ornamental. Striving for something unobtainable. It’s a play filled with complex characters with vast subtext and their connections to their bodies. Yes, it is about body image, but only on its surface. Beneath it is full of all the things that fill our bellies and our minds and define the experience of womanhood.

Featuring Berni Stapleton, Jill Kennedy and Janet O’Reilly, with stage management by Ashley Ring. Produced by Katherine Elliot for Nothing On Productions.

Facebook event here.

Tickets available here.