On taking the summer off

Hello Internet, today is Wednesday, August 31st, and my rent is due tomorrow, so summer must be almost over.

To be fair, it’s been pretty cold and rainy around St. John’s for the past few days, so that’s an indicator too. But the landmark really is the beginning of September. Labour Day. People (not me) go back to school. The Hallowe’en displays are out at the mall. It all seems a little early for Hallowe’en, but the mall display schedule is always a bit advanced.

Something strange happened this summer. I didn’t have a contract that required me to move away for a number of weeks. This had never happened in the summer… ever, since I first moved to St. John’s.

Instead, I figured I’d rest on my savings, do some writing, and take some time off. I got myself a couple of roles with the community Shakespeare company in town to scratch my acting itch and looked forward to reading and writing while lazing in the sunshine.

And then…

I got offered a job directing a “re-enactment” for a community anniversary in Heart’s Content, about 90 minutes away. So I bought a car and drove out 5 days/week for 4 weeks to rehearse and put that up. That was July.

Then I went back to Ontario/Quebec for about a week to celebrate my cousin’s marriage and see some friends and family. And then I came home and had a friend from childhood staying with me for a bit and showed him around a little bit. And then I got about one week of relaxing/writing in and for the past week or so life is pretty much back to normal.

I am working at the jobs again. I am directing a thing. Pretty soon, I will be directing two things. Three, if you count the remount of the aforementioned re-enactment. Stay posted on all the things, I will try to stay on top of the whole I-have-a-blog-where-I-talk-about-my-work thing in addition to all the other things. My schedule is filling up obscenely fast and mostly, I wonder what happened to the summer, and my plan to laze about. WHERE WAS MY LAZING TIME?

So, in fact, “taking the summer off” became the chance to play an awesome role-written-for-a-man in a piece by Shakespeare, doing some theatre for youngsters (my favourite kind of theatre, I think sometimes), a couple of storytelling gigs, doing a terribly neat community project in a gorgeous town not too far from here, taking an acting workshop, and – best of all – going home in the summer (!!!) and watching my cousin (and oldest, dearest friend) walk down an aisle dressed in white, which would have been… well, it would have been a hard event to miss.

Worth it.