Raw Refrains

There’s a new gig in town.

Actually, it’s not new at all. It’s just been sleeping for a while. Patrick Molloy founded Raw Refrains in 2007, and the idea is to host multidisciplinary arts events, so that the artists can share audiences, share their work with each other, and become inspired by the others’ work. An arts-generating arts showcase, if you will.

Well, Raw Refrains has a new patron, The Leaside Group, and they are hosting showcases every Saturday evening from June 25th until the end of August. And I get to be in the first one!

I’ll be telling stories alongside friends and colleagues Ross Moore (film), Ian Foster (music), Corie Harnett and Natalie Hobbs (dance) and Lorne Bishop (visual art). Check it this cool new thing!