Quarterly Report #2

Hello Internet, it’s Monday, July 6th, which means I’m overdue on my second Quarterly Report. For reference, here are the goals, and here is Report the First.

1. Makes sure DanceNL gets a new strategic plan

Status: past due.

So, this did not quite happen before my contract ended, but I expect to return to the organization in September, so there is still time to get this one off before 2016 hits.

2. Run a project pairing up folklorists with seniors and have them all talk about play and games.

3. Perform in Jesus Christ Superstar

4. Organize the heck out of Dance Week 2015

Dance Week 2015 was the bomb! (It also feels like it happened about 5 years ago.)

We had Dance Ambassador videos, including this one from folklorist, storyteller, super-interesting fellow and cool guy Dale Jarvis:

We had a Most Danceable Song contest and then a Province-wide Boogie (I am always particularly excited when Labradorians get to participate in DanceNL stuff, so this one made me very happy):

We had 3 mayors compete in a Municipal Dance Off, and the title of Best Municipal Dance was awarded to Mayor Tom O’Brien of Stephenville (who I am hoping to meet in person while I’m working here):

And we had workshops, social events, an industry unconference, and some Random Acts of Dance. I was particularly chuffed to have businesses participate in a #Dance4Discounts initiative… and not just because I got 15% off an awesome dress by dancing for it!

So, *ahem*. Yes, reporting.


(Dancing makes me happy. Everyone should dance more.)

5. Visit the Galapagos Islands

Did I go to the Galapagos? Why yes, I did! Here are some photos.


6. Hike the Inca Trail

Yeah, I did that too. See?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


This trek was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done, physically (altitude sickness is a Real Thing, friends… walking up hills at that altitude is a whole new kind of difficult), and I’m so glad I did it. It was beautiful, fascinating, humbling… what a thing to have done.

7. Visit the Amazon Rainforest

We went to the Manu Reserve in the Amazon Basin on a 3 day tour. It’s was pretty bananas.


8. Write the first draft of a new one-woman show

Status: 5%

I have received a grant from the Newfoundland & Labrador Arts Council to work on this project!! HURRAY!

My plan is to use that grant to take some time between contracts to put some dedicated work into this project… there should be something to show for it by early September!

9. Continue the quest for a passable red curry recipe

Status: STALLED.

So, Dance Week was nuts, and then I went to South America, and now I am living in a college residence, where my kitchen is tiny and supports a dozen theatre artists. This is not the time for experimental, many-hours-of-labour cooking. Look for more progress in the fall.

10. Hang my f*cking art on my f*cking walls

Status: -15%

OK, what happened here is that I am now planning to move in September… so when I packed up for the summer I also put a bunch of other belongings in boxes… including some art that had previously been hanging on a wall. So, reverse progress on this front. But hopeful of new gains toward the end of this quarter.

11. Work towards a school tour for Give Me Back

Status: Active

Too soon to say much else, but stay tuned.

12. Go skiing

13. Enjoy food with people I love.

While in South America, I ate both Guinea Pig and Alpaca. So, there’s that.

Also, of course, eating good food with people I love is a fundamental part of my happiness, so this is an ongoing item.

Status: Success!

14. Read books.

In the past quarter, I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowsell, Sweetland by Michael Crummey, a manuscript written by a friend (this is almost a book… I will certainly be telling the blog about it when it becomes one) and most of the Lonely Planet’s guide to Peru. Also digging my way through some Japanese Folktales, and am currently tip-toeing through the first half of Alligator by Lisa Moore in between rehearsals and line bashes.

Status: Better than usual! Vacation is good for my reading time!

Also, on that subject, my awesome friend Berni Stapleton has just released her novel, This is the Cat. I had the privilege of reading an early draft, and it is pretty great. You should check it out.

15. Tell stories.

Always. There are a few coming up in the Stephenville Theatre Festival season… see here!

Status: Ongoing.

Overall Quarterly Assessment:

Using actual math based on often-made-up percentages of completion, I have determined that I’ve achieved 64% of my target goals for the year! Not quite as overachievey as last quarter, but still a pretty good result.