Quarterly Report

Hello, Internet, it is now the evening of March 31st, and I thought I’d give you a wee update on the progress of things I said I’d do this year after the first quarter.

1. Make sure that DanceNL has a new strategic plan.

Status: 95% complete.

In early January, we met with a strategic advisor and discussed our priorities and the steps we must take to achieve them. I am now awaiting a report on the subject, but the new strategic plan will be built directly out of that document.

2. Run a project pairing up folklorists with seniors and have them all talk about play and games.


The results of this project are here.

We made a book! Cover art to prove it!

We made a book! Cover art to prove it!

3. Perform in Jesus Christ, Superstar.

TaDa! performance of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'. Photo by Kenneth J. Harvey.

TaDa! performance of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’. Photo by Kenneth J. Harvey.

4. Organize the heck out of Dance Week.

Status: ~50% complete.

Check out the details here.

5/6/7. Visit the Galapagos Islands/Hike the Inca Trail/Visit the Amazon Rainforest.

Status: planning stages. Coming up in next quarter.

8. Write the first draft of a new one-woman show

Status: grant applications

9. Continue the quest for a passable red curry recipe.

Status: STALLED. Cooking has been postponed until Dance Week is over.

10. Hang my f*cking art on my f*cking walls.

Status: Not even a little bit.

11. Work towards a school tour for Give Me Back.


12. Go skiing.


13. Enjoy food with people I love.

Status: Success! On multiple occasions. This item is ongoing.

14. Read books.

Status: well, I finished Freedom.

15. Tell stories.

Status: Ongoing as well, although I offer as a for-instance this tweet and photo, taken at a reading hosted by the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl, who kindly asked me to participate.

No quarterly report would be complete without an assessment of success, so I have employed something I like to call “fake math” to conclude that I am at 46.2% achievement within the first quarter.

And, in the usual way of using numbers of make oneself look much more successful than one actually is, I will point out that 46.2% exceeds a target quarterly goal of 25% by 185%.

Not too shabby.