15 things I will do in ’15

Hello, Internet, today is Tuesday, January 6th… Happy belated New Year! Yayyyy!

I’ve always disliked resolutions. Or, at least, I’ve always disliked the inference of “resolutions” when preceded by “New Year’s”. The promises to myself to exercise more, eat better, play more music, etc… that’s all bull. At least when it comes to me. If the resolution thing works for you, that’s awesome! Go for it! Challenge yourself to make changes to improve your life! But for me? I’m already doing my best with that stuff.

Admittedly, I have started going to the gym again this week after a break, but not because it’s the new year. I was sick, and then I was in Ontario/Quebec with family, and then I was sick *again* (can we turn “acquire a less overzealous immune system” into a resolution?), so this is just my first chance to get back at it.


The only thing worse that being around someone who has the sniffles is being forced to share their gym equipment.

The only thing worse that being around someone who has the sniffles is being forced to share their gym equipment.

I am also doing the healthy-home-cooked-meals thing more in the past week, but, again, that has more to do with “I have access to a kitchen again! Hurray!” feelings than “January 1st has recently passed! Time to reinvent myself!” feelings.

And it feels a bit weird to make a resolution to allow myself to be lazy. That’s a thing I’ve been doing recently that’s improving my life… but a resolution? I don’t think it fits.

So, instead, here are 15 actual things I will actually do in 2015. Things with parameters. And deadlines. Things that are actually written down in my extensive system of To Do lists. They may be less lofty goals than “find inner peace” and “learn a fourth language”, but they are much, much more realistic.

1. Make sure that DanceNL gets a new Strategic Plan.

We have a session happening next weekend that will be a major step in this direction. Before my contract ends on May 3rd, I have a personal agenda to get a new Strategic Plan written and in place.

2. Run a project pairing up folklorists with seniors and have them all talk about play and games.

Since mid-November, I’ve been working with the Heritage Foundation on a project. You can read about it here, but essentially, we’re taking a graduate folklore class into a community centre to have a chat (or chats) about games that were played before there were Playstations. And then we will make a booklet about it. Yay!

3. Perform in Jesus Christ, Superstar.


1364179975_King Herod Josh Mostel

4. Organize the heck out of Dance Week 2015.

Like Dance Week 2014, only better. When I’m through with it, there will be no heck left. The heck will be gone. Dance Week 2015 will be HECKLESS.

5. Visit the Galapagos Islands.


6. Hike the Inca Trail.

…and after the Galapagos, a friend and I are going to Peru, and we are setting up camp in Cusco and then walking from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. It will take 4 days and will be awesome.

7. Visit the Amazon Rainforest.

…and after THAT, we are going to go into the rainforest for a little while. That is pretty much all we know about that bit yet, but it is going to happen.

8. Write the first draft of a new one-woman show.

I have a new project that I’m excited about. So now I have to pull some work together on it. The end result will be a one-woman show, and I’m hoping for a workshop by the end of the calendar year.

9. Continue the quest for a passable red curry recipe that does not call for “curry paste”.

The number of recipe writers on the internet who consider “curry paste” an acceptable ingredient in “Red Curry from Scratch” recipes is simply amazing. I am amazed by it.

Since I do not consider curry paste a primary ingredient, I will continue to look for the recipe that allows me to make Good Red Curry. Not just edible, or even delicious-but-not-really-red-curry. Good Red Curry. That’s the goal.

10. Hang my f*cking art on my f*cking walls.

Seriously. I have no fewer than 10 pieces of art that need framing or mounting before I can hang them. However, all of this will be solved by a deep breath about how extraordinarily expensive framing is, and a trip to Michael’s. And that will happen this year.

11. Work towards a school tour for Give Me Back.

I don’t want to say that I will tour the show in 2015, because, frankly, I don’t know if I can yet. But I will try for a tour in the fall of 2015, and if that doesn’t work, then we’ll try for one in the winter of 2016. Work will be done on this front.

12. Go skiing.

I love skiing. I really, really do. And sometimes I let the winter get away from me and I don’t get to do any of it. But NOT THIS YEAR! In 2015 I WILL SKI!! There is a plan in place for February. You can quote me on that.

13. Enjoy food with people I love.

As often as possible. There is nothing better than sharing a meal.

14. Read books.

Starting by finishing Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. Seriously, the book is like 1000 pages long and each chapter is 150 pages. How am I meant to take in this novel in my everyday, 20-minutes-at-once-for-reading life, Jonathan? Howwww?

15. Tell stories.

Because that’s really at the root of most of my favourite activities. Whether I write them, direct them, perform them or just tell them over dinner (see #13), I aim to be telling stories all year long.

So that’s my to do list for the year. And you’re all allowed to give me a hard time if I don’t get those things done. Because they’re on the list, so they’re gonna happen!