SJIWFF Blogger

Hello, Internet, today is Tuesday, October 14th – opening day of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival!


This is the 25th annual festival, and I am honoured that the team has asked me to blog about it. I worked for the 20th festival as a technician (which is just hilarious to think about… I ran sound and projection and basic lighting all by my lonesome for the forum series), and have been a long-time fan.

I work full time in the arts (not specifically in film, although I have certainly had my fingers in a few film pies), and this is one of the most exciting events of the year: filmmakers come in from everywhere to see each others’ work, talk, share expertise, and find out about the Next Project.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am a long-time staff member at the LSPU Hall, which is box office HQ for the festival, and I am working a LOT this week, so I will tell you about all of the screenings that I make it to, and also give you a bit of insight into the stuff that maybe not everyone sees…

So stay tuned for daily updates this week! I will post the links to this entry as they go up – or you can browse through the blog entries as you please.