Hello, Internet, today is Wednesday, October 8th – OPENING DAY of Give Me Back!

I feel a little bit like this today:

(you might just wanna pause that video, now that you’ve turned it on… I understand it loops for about 10 hours… which is, incidentally, pretty close to the amount of time I expect to be buzzing around like that)

Ok, things that are happening:

1) Yesterday, we were all over the media.

The Overcast posted this article to their online edition.

Tara Bradbury did a feature for us in The Telegram.

That's US on the front page, guys!

That’s US on the front page, guys!

Sharon spoke to Ted Blades on CBC Radio One’s On the Go. We also have it on good authority that VOCM played a bit of her interview with them on the news.

Oh, and also, Sharon spoke to Jonathan Richler on VOCM’s Nightline on Monday.

2) We did tech dress, and photographer Erich Chung came in to take a bunch of pictures… we can’t wait to show them to you!

3) Our awesome pals at etixnow sent us this shiny toy so we can take your payments at the door.


4) Today we have a final dress rehearsal, and then we OPEN TONIGHT! YAYYYYY!

Please come see this show. And remember to book your tickets in advance, since seating is extremely limited and we really don’t want to turn anyone away. Seriously, that’d break our hearts.

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