2 days! 2 days to go!

Hello, Internet, it’s Monday, October 6th, and we open in TWO DAYS!

This weekend was tiny perk weekend, in which a whole bunch of awesome people pitched in $5 or more and got themselves a nifty-as-all-get-out bookmark.



Amongst those contributors were Samara & Marcel Penton, who asked us for a song for their not-quite-1-year-old son, Rory. Kat and Sharon took on the challenge.

The Indiegogo campaign continues for another 12 days, and we’re still a ways from our goal, so please consider throwing in a fiver if you can, or sharing the project with your friends!

And, of course, please come see the show! We encourage you to buy tickets online or at your local Orange Store, since seating is limited to 45/performance and we’d like you not to be disappointed!

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