4 weeks!

Hello everyone!

It’s Wednesday, September 10th, which means we’re 4 weeks away from opening Give Me Back, and excitement is rising.

Today, on testimonial Wednesday, we bring you Gemma Hickey. Gemma is the Executive Director at For the Love of Learning, the charitable organization which is co-producing Give Me Back.

Although this play has been in the works forever, and it feels like we’ve been getting into a sprint for weeks now, yesterday was a big day for the crew.

Yesterday morning, we held our first production meeting, to introduce everyone and to get the ball rolling on the production itself. And then, I went down to Ian’s house to hear what he had of the score.

Guys, the score is going to be beautiful. It has base tones that resonate in your belly. It has keys and strings that add an air of sweetness. It includes the sound of Ian running up and down stairs. It is melodic in places, dissonant in others… and it’s going to sink into the audience and make them feel feelings. Feelings, guys. Feelings.

So, that’s what’s going on with the play itself. Of course, we are working very hard to raise the profile of this play, attacking fundraising and communications on every front we can think of.

If you are interested in supporting our fundraising efforts, please check out our crowdfunding campaign, or email us at givemeback2014@gmail.com for a sponsorship package!