Crowdfunding time!

Hello, Internet, today is Tuesday, August 19th, and our Indiegogo campaign is up and running! If you’d like to take a look, and consider donating or sharing with your friends on social media and the like, please do – the campaign is here.

As part of this campaign, I have a 2010-era video blog up, complete with a very serious face and lots of blinking, to talk about why this project is so important to me. It would be a shame not to share it here, so there it is:

This morning, I filled out an online survey about this project, and they asked me why it was important that this project get funded… and here is the answer:

Give Me Back is definitely happening in October. I’ve even signed a contract that says so. The funding we receive in the next 2 months is the difference between whether or not I wipe out my savings account making it happen. And while that’s a thing I am willing to do, I can’t see the show having the future I want for it – a tour of high schools, college campuses, outreach programs, to reach its intended audience by bringing the show, and the conversation, to them – if I have to clean myself out to get the first production up.

So, if you do donate, first of all, thank you. And secondly, consider it an investment in the future of this project, and in the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people facing mental illness for the first time.

Thanks, everyone. All my love.