Riddle Fence Launch

Soooooooo Riddle Fence (the lit/art journal based in St. John’s) is holding a  launch for its two most recent issues at the Leyton Gallery of Fine Art on January 30th.

Annnnnnd I’ve been asked to perform at it. So, that’s pretty cool.

Basically, along with an artist talk, they are introducing a new column called “The Drift”, which is an analysis of one of the pieces published in that issue of the journal. So, to give it context when it gets spoken of, I am presenting the poem that the inaugural column is written about.

And the poem - The Living Option by Karen Solie - is really super good, guys. So, assuming I manage to do a decent job of it (it does feel like one of those DFIU situations) it should be an awesome time. And Will Gill is going to talk, and James Langer is going to talk, so it’ll be a good time regardless.

Oh, did I mention Riddle Fence is one of my favourite cultural products in the province? It is. It’s brilliant. Definitely worth checking out.