The best show on TV: the Rob Ford fiasco

Hello, Internet, today is Monday, November 18th (what? how?) and I am amused. I am amused by Rob Ford and his shenanigans on and around the Toronto City Council.

I know that I should be horrified, but I’m just not. I’m concerned, certainly – almost as much for Mayor Ford’s health as for the city that he is internationally embarrassing – but frankly, it’s just too good. I watch with the fascination of a long-term Coronation Street viewer.

In case you don’t know – because, apparently, you’ve been hiding from all forms of media, social and otherwise, for the past two weeks… or, I suppose, are living in New Zealand and are, quite rightly, worried about your Prime Minister’s sale of an airline into the private sector on the eve of a referendum that seeks to limit his ability to sell assets, and less concerned with the antics of a municipal politician on the other side of the world – Rob Ford, Mayor of the City of Toronto, publicly admitted to smoking crack cocaine. Once. But he didn’t remember this when he told the reporters that he’d never smoked crack, because he was so blind drunk when he did it. He wasn’t lying… he just forgot. Wait… hang on. I’ll just find the video.

That was November 5th (Remember, Remember). It was the conclusion of an allegation made in May, that not only had Mayor Ford been smoking crack, but that there was a video of it. Finally, the police got hold of it, forcing the Mayor to come “clean”.

Those quotation marks are intentional, by the way, since this is a man who, if we believe him, regularly gets forgot-I-smoked-crack-last-night wasted.

Now, it’s not like Rob Ford didn’t embarrass himself and his city before this. After all, this is the man who got ousted from office for – lending him the benefit of the doubt – NOT UNDERSTANDING CONFLICT OF INTEREST. And a series of “small” things – a DUI, admitting to smoking “a lot” of pot, mistaking Windsor for Winnipeg – have plagued his career, but nothing has compared to the past two weeks.

It’s as though the claim that this video existed put a crack (HA!) in the Mayor’s behaviour, and since it’s finally come to light, the dam has burst and everyone in Toronto is now soaked to the skin.

On the 7th, another video popped up, showing the Mayor drunkenly swearing and yelling. Mr. Ford’s explanation? “I was extremely, extremely inebriated.

On the 14th, he pulled off this piece of public relations genius:

Since the 15th, council has been systematically taking away his powers, which strikes me as Just A Very Good Idea. Ford, of course, is responding by threatening legal action, because he’s classy like that.

This happened today:

And also this, which is my personal favourite:

Ladies and gentlemen – the Mayor of Canada’s largest city. If it were fiction, it would be a comedy. Since it is real, and since, as a person who does not reside in Toronto, I have patently no influence on whether or not this man continues to run a city, I am enjoying the humour of it.