Island of Fire

Hello, Internet, today is Tuesday, October 15th, and I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

I spent my weekend in Fogo Island, where, to my shame, I haven’t been since September 2011. And, like any homecoming (Fogo Island definitely lands in the ever-growing category of places I consider to be “home”), much is different, and much is the same.

The Fogo Island Partridgeberry Harvest Festival is basically the same as it was in 2010 – or, at least, a logical extrapolation of the festival it once was as it continues to grow and attract comers from farther and farther afield. If you have never been, it is a brilliant idea: basically a combination farmer’s market/bake sale/craft sale with live entertainment, a children’s tent, and delicious food, organized to feature Fogo Island-based makers and growers of things.

The people are the same, of course, although some have moved away and others have moved home. A few have passed on, but more have been born. Children have grown up. Etcetera etcetera.

And, of course, Fogo Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. That is the same.

But there is one truly major difference.

The INN – guys! The Inn is amazing!

If I’d been with-it enough to bring my camera (or, if past-Sharon had been with-it not to drop her phone in a brook in July), there would be photos here. Since neither of those things are true, I offer you their website - an entire area of the web dedicated to drool-inducing room porn.

It is truly awesome to walk into a building with the memory of an early model made of styrene and a number of sketches passed around by email in my mind. Through my time working with Shorefast, I had basically nothing to do with the Inn – just a number of colleagues for whom it was priority number 1. Still, what I felt walking in there was an overwhelming sense of pride. I am SO PROUD of my friends and old colleagues who have made a beautiful, functional, environmentally well-considered luxury hotel and who are now dedicating their time to welcoming guests.