To Do:

Hello, Internet, today is Monday, September 30th, and I have been home for a month.

I have recently rediscovered the pure joy that is involved in writing To Do lists and then, gradually, crossing off the items on them.

Seriously. It’s a major part of my contract-artist-at-home-in-St.-John’s life, and I take a lot of pride in it.

My To Do lists are pretty intense things, I must say. Here is a transcription of the current one (written yesterday evening):

1) Hem curtains.
2) Hang wall art.
3) Re-read & strategize for Give Me Back.
4) Apply to Eastern Health grant (October 4).
5) Re-read Richard III.
6) Adapt Cymbeline.
7) Make a donation box.
8) Analyze membership survey.
9) Send in list of things that are wrong with apartment.
10) Write a poem.
11) Blog.
12) Pay rent.
13) Pay VISA.
14) Send out PSA.
15) Contact instructor re: workshop.
16) Organize posters for workshop.
17) Re-read your novel in order to… finish writing it.

So, that actually gives you a pretty good idea of what’s going on with me. Also, please note that in the past 24 hours, I have managed to cross FOUR WHOLE THINGS off this list.

This is a bit misleading, because each of the things I’ve crossed off are things that take about 5 minutes to do, while other things are less easily achievable. For example, “6) Adapt Cymbeline” might be carried forward into future To Do lists for some time to come. Some others are sneakily difficult to accomplish: hemming my curtains and hanging my wall art would be way easier if I had a sewing machine and a hammer, respectively.



Other things should be done fairly often and are always added to new To Do lists, whether or not I’ve crossed them off the last one (see numbers 10 and 11). Otherwise, all of the things that haven’t been done just get carried into the beginning of the next list – which is why all of the hardest things are first on the list.

It is therefore very important to include things like “Pay Visa” – a thing which will take me 2 minutes to do tomorrow – to increase the frequency with which you can cross something off. That way you can feel super-accomplished by crossing 4 things off after a combined 20 minutes of effort (as I do now! Yay for accomplishment!).

So, yes, this month I’ve more or less gotten back into the swing of things here. I have furniture in my home (yay!) and 2 jobs and a number of side projects to get myself motivated about. I’ve been out with friends (there is obviously much more of that to do) and set up a home office and I’m pretty happy about it all, really.

And the To Do lists keep me on track. More or less.

11. Blog