How many vaginas does a sloth have; or, Things are going right with me

Hello, Interent, today is Monday, September 23rd, and by request of a friend, I have titled this blog entry with the best thing anyone has ever typed into Google which resulted in them finding my website.

Maybe I will start doing this regularly. In addition to the quiet laugh I will have doing it, it may also do something to boost my stats. After all, if people are interested enough in the genitalia of Folivora, I might as well get a couple of hits out of that.

Anyway, things are going great.

This makes for lousy updates, actually. It’s easy to blog about things that make you angry… because then you can describe the thing that’s making you angry, pick out the bits that make you REALLY angry, argue with yourself about WHY they make you angry and then come up with a nice, solid, angry last line to drive your point home. “Grrr… this thing! It makes me so mad! It should make you mad too! GRRRRRRR!!!!” Etc.

There are lots of things going on in the world that should be making me angry. The now-standard stifling of scientists on environmental issues by Government of Canada, for example… that’s no good. Also, you know, Syria. And the extremely unfortunate situation in which non-straight, non-cis people in Russia now find themselves.

Closer to home, the NLAC’s Visiting Artist Program was recently cut altogether, denying goodness-knows-how-many young people access to a professional artist’s visit to their school for the sake of ~$50k/year. That seems a bit ridiculous, and like the opposite of the thing we should be doing. But when I heard the news, this was my process:

1) Sigh aloud.
2) Shake head in dismay.
3) Satisfy self that the Dunderdale administration are likely to be voted out next election.
4) Go back to life.

I am shocked to find myself in a position of… not really apathy, but… what is this? Disappointment… and expectation. The current provincial government, the current federal government, and the state of the world have disappointed me so thoroughly that I no longer have any time or energy to invest in banging my head against the wall trying to change things. I expect that things will change, because, at present, the pendulum has swung much, much too far to one side, and we must be about to reach the zenith of this swing and start back the other way.

I am not sure where I got this sense of the progress of events in the world, and I’m definitely not sure that I’m right about it, but I DO know that I am profoundly enjoying not being angry all the time. And that is a great discovery to have made.

So, yes, things are good around here. I spent my weekend with some young people, a dog and a beautiful, big-enough bathtub, which did my soul some good, I am very much enjoying my new job with DanceNL, my apartment is starting to shape up in terms of furniture & functioning appliances, we have our first house guest in from out of town today (yay! friendship!), and St. John’s has welcomed me back with open arms: everywhere I go, there are people I like.

And while I think I will probably go back to being angry and loud about politics and the like in the coming months, I am loving a little time with my blood pressure well below its boiling point.

(All that being said, if you are a resident of St. John’s, I urge you to vote in tomorrow’s election. Because if ever there was an opportunity to directly affect actual decision-making in any level of government, voting in municipal elections would be it.)