You can’t beat Wellington on a good day… but St. John’s puts up an awesome fight.

Hello, Internet, today is Monday, September 16th, and it is a BEAUTIFUL day in St. John’s.

So, since we last talked, I’ve finished up in Grand Bank, spent a glorious week in Trinity watching theatre instead of making it and refusing to let summer end early, and then moved back home to St. John’s on the 1st of September. And by home, I mean… I’m back in the same apartment I used to live in here. My bedroom is the same bedroom. It’s very… comforting.

Now, moving didn’t miraculously become awesome. Moving is still my very least favourite thing to do, especially when you move into a completely empty apartment and have to somehow find furniture and kitchen supplies while wandering around St. John’s – perhaps the last Canadian city with an absolutely useless public transit system – on FOOT. But, thanks to some excellent friends who drove me around/loaned me their cars, we are mostly settled.

The most dramatic improvement to my life is the existence of a “study”.

Let me paint you a picture with words (since, honestly, my camera is defunct and I don’t have any other way of giving you a picture):

My apartment is on the ground floor of a 3-storey house. The upper two storeys are a separate apartment. So, when you first come in the front door, there is a rather grand staircase in front of you. This staircase is of a very Fiddler on the Roof persuasion, as it leads… nowhere.

Indeed. There is a set of stairs, and then a landing, and then 5 more stairs before you hit drywall.

We used to tell party guests the bathroom was up here, just to hear their shouts when they realised we had made them walk up stairs (STAIRS! Will the suffering never end?!?) to no end.

Anyway, although it spoils the joke, I had always wished for a cozy reading nook up there. I even went so far as to move the least comfortable of our chairs from the living room up to the landing, in case the mood struck me to read up there.

But it was always so frigging COLD up there. In fact, it was always frigging cold anywhere that wasn’t a room with the door closed and the heat on blast. There was a baseboard heater on the landing, but 2 feet above it was a century-old stained glass window, which, while beautiful, leaked heat as though it were made of cheesecloth.

But all that was before the renovations.

At the end of my tenure here in 2012, I was living alongside the renovation of the bathroom, and then the re-insulating and re-siding of the whole building, complete with new windows and new doors. So, although the stained glass is absent, there is a 21st-century pane up there now, and the whole place is warmer overall, so there’s a chance that I will be able to sit still on that landing, in February, for more than a few minutes at once.

And on that basis, I have run an extension cord from the kitchen to the landing as an outlet for computers, printers, and perhaps a desk lamp. And there is a desk and a comfy office chair. And those 5 steps to nowhere? They’re now a bookshelf.

It’s a pretty cool thing. After having worked from home for years as a contractor, it’s something else to have a desk to work at. And more, to have a dedicated place to be working.

So, yes, that has made my life better.

Especially since I now have an 8-month contract as the Project Administrator for DanceNL… a nice, part-time administration-y job that I can do well and still have lots of time and brain space for other things. So, as soon as I get myself properly settled into my new – remarkably familiar – life in St. John’s, I will start doing some of the cool things I have on my really quite long list of cool things to do. And then you will be able to read about them, because blogging is one of my favourite forms of procrastinating.

Speaking of which, I should probably be organizing my room right now. Moving in. It’s awful.

Happy new week, friends!