Sniffles and bits

Good morning, Internet, today is Sunday, April 14th, and this post comes to you in two parts.


I’ve been sick.

Common Cold

Remember this guy?

Yes, my arch-nemesis, the Common Cold, has struck again, driving me home from work on Wednesday afternoon and keeping me in bed for all of Thursday, which was – of course! – a gorgeous, warm, sunny autumn day. I “enjoyed” it through my window.

It does, however, highlight one of the great benefits to having a Real Job ™. When you are sick… you go the eff home to bed. People don’t judge you. They tell you to feel better and send you on your way. They cover for what you would normally be doing while you’re gone, because, unlike most arts situations, you are not actually the only one around who can do that stuff. Other people also know how. So you are allowed to go home and pass out with tissues stuffed up your nose to keep your snot from dripping all over your pillow, and feel better in a few days, rather than pushing through it, or storing up all your sickness so that you crash at the end of a project,  or getting sicker and sicker until you develop sub-acute pneumonia (not a personal experience at all). Oh, conventional profession – you are so SEDUCTIVE.




The Vagina Monologues opens on Friday. This means that I have rehearsal tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday evening, a fundraiser on Thursday, and then shows Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Also, it means that the PledgeMe campaign expires in 8 hours (if you pledge before it closes, you could get a crocheted vag badge – seriously – or a free ticket to the show. If you want a badge and you live in Canada, I volunteer to mail it to you). I am going to craft times this afternoon to crochet some of those badges, because, really, why wouldn’t I want some vagina-crocheting skills.

Other things you should know about are the aforementioned fundraiser, which is going to have all kinds of live music from awesome folks, and entry is by koha. At Medusa, which is going to be prettified for the purposes of the evening. The Facebook event is here.

Also, of course, come see the show, if you are in Wellington. 7PM Friday and Saturday, 5:30PM Sunday at 19 Tory. Tickets are $10 ($5 concession). We’re pulling out all the stops to make as much money for the Women’s Refuge as we can, so there’ll be baked goods, crafts, an auction, and some art around, including a wall-hanging by my dear friend Polly! So, really, come by around 6:30, say hello and check out the wares, and then enjoy as 15 ladies talk about their lady-parts for your entertainment.

You can book tickets in advance at The Facebook event is here.