Pi and pictures

Hello, Internet, it’s Thursday, March 14: Happy Pi Day!

(here, imagine me singing a Pi Day-themed spoof of the unspoofable Rebecca Black song… It’s Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta get round on Pi Day… everybody’s looking for an irrational constant…)



Story time!

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who moved to New Zealand. Not on a whim, but after some serious thought, and because all signs pointed to yes. go.

And, for 5 months, she lived this deliriously happy life which was just… SO BORING to talk about. She got a boring job and she went to it every day… and she did a play, which was very exciting in the first person, but then when she tried to talk about it to others, she realized that it was just like doing every other play ever, and goodness knows she talks often enough about doing plays. And she got paid once or twice to tell stories to children, which was VERY COOL – once, she even told stories to a group of about 160 people, MORE THAN HALF OF WHOM were children, and they TOTALLY LISTENED. So, that was a major victory for this young woman.

So, this young woman sat down to write in her blog, which is not, after all, a creative-writing-type blog, but rather a venue for her to update her readers on her life, and, on occasion, to rant about politics. But, while New Zealand politics are undoubtedly very interesting, the young woman found herself Not Angry about them, because she did not feel represented by the people making decisions. And, while the young woman certainly was still angry about politics in Canada, her lack of proximity leant her a vague detachment from them which inhibited her ability to speak on the subject with conviction.

And so, although she was keen to tell her friends about her life, and although she was keen to keep living this life she had newly built for herself, she found that blogging was, for the moment, a difficult prospect. And so, instead, she posted some pictures of her current home, so that they might better explain her overwhelming happiness – and, perhaps, her inability to put that happiness into words.