Summery Christmastime

Hello Internet, today is Thursday, December 20th… what?

December 20th. 5 days till Christmas. Wow.

So, for a number of reasons, I am not feeling super Christmas-y. Pretty much because everything I associate with Christmastime… isn’t happening right now.

For example, it’s not cold, or snowing. In fact, today I walked to work with my sweater in my hand, because it’s summer over here.

Also, the epic journey home with a zillion gifts for family members, the frantic attempt to see all of my friends in a one-week stretch, the road trip to Montreal… all not happening this year. Instead, I will spend 8 hours at work on Christmas Eve, Skype with my best friend and probably also my family, eat food with friends, and fly to Australia extremely early on Boxing Day.

Yes. Australia for New Year’s. I just got my visitor’s visa, so here we go! Hurray!

In updates, I have a shiny new job that is just infinitely better than the old job. For one thing, it pays way better. For another, I’m not exhausted or in pain when I finish for the day. For a third, everyone is nice, pretty much all of the time.

Plus I get a photo ID pass card which is on a little wheel on a spring, so that when you pull it out it snaps back in, providing me with hours of happy fiddling and fidgeting.

And that, dear friends, is what’s going on with me. Happy holidays!