It’s November!

Hello, Internet, it’s Friday, November 2nd… unless you’re in North America, in which case it’s still solidly Thursday, November 1st. So… welcome to November!

November is a fun month for a number of reasons.

REASON THE FIRST: Men everywhere shave off all their facial hair and then grow a series of hilarious moustaches, ostensibly to raise awareness of prostate cancer and funds to fight the disease, but also just to have an excuse to grow a moustache.

REASON THE SECOND: It’s Mom’s birthday next week! Yay for my Mom! It is likely that Mom will not actually read this until well after her birthday, since she and Dad are in freaking CHINA for the next few weeks (#thingsthataren’tfair) but I might as well wish it to her anyway. She’ll read it eventually.

REASON THE THIRD: NaNoWriMo. I did it last year, and won. I did it the year before last and failed miserably. The reason I both succeeded and failed in those situations was, I think, because in 2011, I was way underemployed, and in 2010, I was fully employed and in a play. And right now, I am working an average of 35 hours a week, which doesn’t count as underemployed. BUT! The current job is non-artistic, and also does not require work outside of work. I do not bring home a laptop full of stuff to do. I leave my place of work, and I’m DONE and can think about other things. Like writing, because I enjoy writing.

So, I am trying again this year. It’s the same book, because, frankly, this book has got to get first drafted, and 61,000 words into it, it’s still only about half done. So, rather than write a whole novel in 30 days, I strive to finish the novel I started writing last year. And if I move forward by another 50,000 words, then my goal will be accomplished.

And look! Here’s a widget!

REASON THE FOURTH: So, you know how The Hobbit is coming out in December? Well, the world premiere is in Wellington, at this place a half-hour walk from where I live, and the city is going all out. There’s going to be a big screen in the park down the road (the same park that hosts an AWESOME farmer’s market) with a live feed to the red carpet, and they are screening the Lord of the Rings trilogy for free leading up to the premiere. It’s going to be a crazy party. On November 28th. Which is a Wednesday. Which, as of right now, is my day off. Go team!

In other news, I have been auditioning for community theatre around here, since a) I am an addict; and b) I would like to make some friends and theatre is usually pretty awesome for that. And today, I am meant to go to a 2nd callback (read: 3rd audition for the same play) for a production of Antony & Cleopatra. I have never been so thoroughly auditioned for a role with no money attached to it. Still, it’s Shakespeare, and I nerd out a lot of Shakespeare, so my fingers continue to be crossed.

And now, off to work, I go! Happy November, everyone!