Operation Real Person Continued

Hello Internet, today is Friday, October 26th, and I have an audition and a trial shift at a possible job today.

But first – a long weekend in Auckland!

For those of you who do not live in New Zealand (so… about 100% of you), this past Monday was Labour Day here. And I was meant to have an audition in Auckland on the Monday, until it was rescheduled – but not until I had booked myself travel, accommodations, and a tour that couldn’t be moved, so I went anyway.

For a long weekend in Auckland, I spent an awful lot of time outside of Auckland. First of all:

The North Island of New Zealand is about the size of Newfoundland, I think. I’m basing this on the fact that it takes 12 hours to bus from Wellington, on the south end, to Auckland, near the north end. So Saturday, I spent on the bus.

On Sunday, I went to Waitomo (another 3 hours on a bus in either direction). Waitomo’s attraction is a series of limestone caves where glow worms live. Glow worms are larvae that hang a little sticky thread down from where they affix themselves to a rock, and then they make themselves glow to attract prey. But when there are thousands of them at once, they pretty much look like the night sky. It’s kind of tremendous. Here’s a picture I didn’t take (because you’re not allowed).

And then I went back to Auckland and had drinks and dinner with an old friend from university, which was AMAZING. Like, you don’t even realize how much you miss talking about shared history until you’re drinking red wine and chatting about the time your mutual friend got so drunk you had to help carry him to his bed.

On Monday I went to Waiheke. Waiheke is an island in the bay, still within the Greater Auckland area, and it has 2 things: wine, and beaches. So basically I had the greatest Monday of all time. Here’s a picture I DID take.

Not shown: 6 wine tastings

And then I had dinner with a friend of a friend, and then drinks with the sister of another friend (I love how all of my North American buddies are providing me with social opportunities – keep that up, guys!), and then on Tuesday I spent 12 hours on a bus getting back to Wellington.

And here we are.

Yesterday I bit the bullet. I printed 40 resumes (10 administration ones for theatres and art industry places and 30 service ones) and handed them out. This morning, I have 5 admin and 1 service one left. I walked all over the downtown area, watching for “help wanted” signs and going into places where I thought I might especially like working – like book stores, for example – and by the end of the day, I had an offer to work a trial shift this evening and a few more “we’ll call you in the next few days”. So, hopefully, I will be gainfully employed in the near future!

I have, of course, been keeping an eye out for theatre work. There is lots of unpaid stuff, of course, and Wellington has a fringe festival in March, so there’s a ton of opportunities to use theatre to make friends, which is TOTALLY WORTH DOING right now, but it would be especially nice to find something that paid. I have a couple of applications in, and an audition this afternoon for a touring, paid-by-the-week show. So keep your fingers crossed for me and maybe something will crop up. And if not, I’ll make friends doing community theatre and work at a restaurant or office somewhere.

Almost employed. Almost. Soon, my person will be 100% real.

ADDENDUM: I have a job! Mission accomplished!