I’m a real person

Hello Internet, today is Friday, October 19th, and I’m a real person.

My new flatmates (New Zealand custom dictates that I use that term, rather than “roommates”. So does spell check, incidentally.) and I have been joking about how I’ve gradually become a real person. The first step was to be entered into their cell phones. So, really, the ACTUAL first step was getting myself a phone number.

Since last we spoke, dearest Internet, I have gotten myself:

-a New Zealand mobile phone number

-a residential address in Wellington

-a New Zealand bank account

-a bed, and bedding to go with it. Also a towel.

-a few new friends, including my lovely flatmates who, on the occasion of my very first evening in their home, cooked me a remarkable supper and left the cheese off. Sweethearts.

I feel LANDED, now, officially, as though it might make sense for me to go looking for a job in the near future. Imagine that.

Speaking of that, I did some of that yesterday. But, barring some miraculous theatre job, I will be putting in some resumes to the local restos and coffee shops in the near future. Operation Real Person will be complete when I have an income again.

Tomorrow I am going back to Auckland for a couple of days, and then Real Life settles in on Tuesday. Real Life for Real People. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to update my CV.