Extended Vacation from Life

Hi Everybody!

So, I’ve been pretty silent over the last few months, and mostly, that is because I had been so blissfully happy working at the Grand Bank Regional Theatre Festival that I was choosing not to think too much about things that make me angry, like politics or global warming or the rising violent crime rate in my beloved home of St. John’s. Also, I was pretty static in Grand Bank, doing more or less the same fantastic things all the time, that I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about that didn’t involve addressing those things that make me angry.

BUT! I have now returned, and I have news! Great news! Amazing news! (In case I have any readers who don’t already know this…)


Eventually. Gradually. After I visit many friends and family members in many cities across North America.

So, I got home to St. John’s from Grand Bank on Sunday, August 26th and embarked upon the somewhat ridiculous task of seeing as many friends as possible (keeping in mind that I had not seen most of these friends for 3 months and will not see them again until I get home from NZ) while moving out of the apartment where I had lived for 3.5 years by Saturday, September 1st. And moving is dreadful. Like, honestly, truly, a horrible experience, especially when you don’t have a fixed destination for most of your stuff. I have a few things (a bed, a guitar, etc) on long-term loan with some trusted friends, and some more things (winter clothes, another guitar, skis, etc) in storage in a friend’s basement, but the majority of things were given away. Sometimes I still want to cough up some of the dust I inhaled that week.

But the joy of all this is that now, I feel physically lighter, freer. We can own so much stuff and so little of it is necessary. I am travelling with a school bag and one suitcase. I own 4 sets of footwear IN TOTAL. Amazing.

I left St. John’s at very-early-o’clock on the 2nd. It is now the 7th. I had a lovely visit in Halifax, went on a “daytrip” to Fredericton (my GOODNESS Fredericton is far away from Halifax), got to see a few shows at the Halifax Fringe, then hopped on a plane yesterday and came “home” – to Ottawa, which I promptly left for my parents’ “cottage” (It’s a house. A house on a lake.) in Saint-Pierre-de-Wakefield, which means that since September 1st I have been in 5 provinces. And now begins the decompression period, where I can do pretty much whatever I want with my days (reading, mostly, and some hiking, and a bit of writing, and a canoe-ride is coming up) and just avoid people for a little while. My introverted side took a bit of a hit in Grand Bank, and there’s no relief while I travel around North America trying to see everyone, so I am content to drink tea and read novels and plan my re-emergence into social life.

So, here is the plan:

Tomorrow until October 4th: visit with friends and family in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

October 4th: Board airplane for longest flight I have ever taken.

October 6th: Land in Auckland.

Then… hang out. And find a job that I don’t have to think about when I leave it. And travel lots. And see friends who live in Australia. And travel more. And maybe learn to surf. And hike mountains. And take pictures and send them to nerdy friends back home with the title “Middle Earth.” And write. And travel. And drink wine. And make friends. And travel.

Yup. That’s the plan. I’m pretty proud of it.

I can stay in New Zealand up until October 6th, 2013, but I can only work for 6 months during that time, so I am expecting to come back to Canada before then – theoretically, in time for summer. So I can have 3 summers in a row. But otherwise, everything is pretty up in the air.

Which is new for me.

But I’m liking it so far.