Sunshine, lollipops and

Hello, Internet, it’s Friday, April 27th, and the sun is out.

I cannot really explain how wonderful it is when that happens. Here in St. John’s, we are so conditioned to horrible, rainy, foggy, cold weather that when we get a nice, warm, sunny day (note: “warm” starts at 10C here) we all go a little crazy.

Seriously. Sunshine-induced insanity over here. People wear shorts and flip flops (even though it’s well below 15C with the windchill), leave their homes without jackets, roll around in impractical cars with the soft tops down and the mufflers obviously detached, shout and scream at each other and at no one in particular. Downtown St. John’s in the sun in the spring is like hanging out with a bunch of kids who’ve just been given 8 cupcakes each.

UPDATE: since I started writing this, the sky has clouded over and it is now so windy I don’t want to go outside. Ah, St. John’s.

So, in news:

1) The Drowning Girls opened last night at the Hall. I was working the bar for the last preview and the reviews from folks buying drinks were pretty great. Also, I got to be at the first read of the show ages ago, so I know the script is awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing it… next weekend. When I can.

2) Oil & Water is getting some pretty excellent reviews down in Toronto. They are running there until May 6.

3) The Atlantic Book Awards & Festival starts in less than 2 weeks, so that’s pretty much what I do. All the time. It’s going well, I think. But still. 2 weeks.

4) To that end, I got a new phone – one that doesn’t die instantly when you make a phone call, and rings out loud every time someone calls it (imagine!). It’s fancy and it connects to the internet the way my computer connects to the internet and I am spending way too much time playing with it. But I really, really like it. Yay new phone!

5) I am going to be reading at the Michael J. McCarthy Memorial Readings in Mt. Pearl on Monday. Ha!

So, basically, everything’s going on. Also, the provincial budget came down. But that’s another story for another day.