Storytelling Circle

On the second Thursday of every month (except December), there is a storytelling circle at the Crow’s Nest Officers’ Club here in St. John’s.

The deal is this: up to 44 people come (it’s not a very big bar). It costs $3. There is a host, who tells some stories. Then there is a little break where people sign up to tell in the second half… like an open mic, except there’s no mic, because of the aforementioned size of the bar.

In April, the host is ME! Hurray!

So, come hear me tell. April 12th, at 7:30pm. And also, if ever you are looking for a low-stress, friendly audience to cut your teeth on storytelling, this is it. Folk tales, personal stories, family stories, legends, recitations, ballads – all are welcome.

There is more information on the Circle in general here.