Arch-nemesis: the common cold

Hello, Internet, it’s Friday, March 23rd, and I… hang on… I have to sneeze…

Ok, it’s gone.

This week has been one long battle with my arch-nemesis… a mild illness widely known as the common cold.

In my head, he looks like this:

Of course, this means that I look like this:

and not, as all evidence would indicate, like this:

So here’s how this went down:

SATURDAY: Get up super early (7am) and ski all day. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so have 3 beers over the course of 6 hours and pass out at 10:30.

SUNDAY: Get up super early and ski all day. Return to St. John’s, eat Chef Boyardee for the first time ever out of sheer laziness (ew, by the way). Go out for party times with friends.

OVERNIGHT SUNDAY: Sneak attack by Common Cold.

MONDAY: Day in bed. Point: Common Cold

TUESDAY: World Storytelling Day. Drag self from bed at 3pm. Take cold pills. Drink a gallon of green tea. Survive 2 storytelling performances AND a rehearsal. Point: SKC

WEDNESDAY: Arrive at Book Awards office at 8am. 10am board meeting. Arrive home 1pm. Clean house. Work 4:30-9:30pm. Watch Republic of Doyle with friends. Go out for drink with other friends. Basically high on cold medication the whole time. Point: SKC.



THURSDAY: Cancel everything possible. Stay in bed until it is necessary to get up and go to rehearsal. Notice, during rehearsal, that have a fever. Point: Common Cold

FRIDAY: Take no cold meds all day long. 10am meeting. Drained. Cancel afternoon plans. Sleep instead. Have supper out and go to the theatre (excellent work, by the way, cast & crew of The Shape of Things!) without once blowing nose or sneezing explosively. Point and match: SKC!