Hello Internet, it’s Friday, March 16th.

My grant application is in. I actually feel lighter.

Now, on to the rest of life:

There is a whole bunch of theatre happening in town. Two totally awesome-sounding shows are happening this weekend, in fact:

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is being done at the Basement Theatre by BestKind Productions (ie: some totally awesome folks). It’s a musical. About a spelling bee. How could that not be amazing? It’s almost entirely sold out, though, so if you’re into funny, musical times and are free on Saturday afternoon, you should probably buy tickets right now.

Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show is playing at the Hall. The show is from – you guessed it! – Alberta and is running until Sunday. There is a trailer below, if you want some more info. And tickets are here.

I won’t get to see either of these shows, though, because I have been working/in rehearsal the past two nights and I will be leaving for a weekend of skiing in Clarenville in a couple of hours.


Tuesday is World Storytelling Day! Hurray!

And the rest of my next week is full of meetings and box office shifts and rehearsals (more on that later) and seeing The Shape of Things at Ontop/Above or British Invasion at the Arts & Culture Centre. Look into those – you probably want to go too.