NaNoWriMo II – the February pages

So, in the fall I took a challenge – to write a novel in the 30 days of November. The goal was to get to 50,000 words by midnight on November 30th. And I did it.

I did not, however, finish the novel. There are still a couple of years’ worth of plotline to go.

So, I figured I’d do another month of writing. And I figured that I’d do it during what is normally the dullest month of the year – February. I would try to get to 100,000 words by February 29th. And then everything happened and February got very busy. But I am holding fast. The hardest part of February is done, and I am currently almost 10,000 words behind schedule, but I will strive to catch up and meet the goal! (Imagine here a fanfare representing my determination.)


Just for flavour, here is an excerpt from a hastily written first draft of the 2nd chapter of this book I started writing in November:


Richard was a young King. His hair shone gold beneath the circlet on his forehead, and his eyes were bright and sharp, but softened when he saw Hal, shadow of his grandfather, on one knee on the stone floor before him. Hal realized, too late, that his head ought to be bowed, and corrected himself. The King laughed and asked him to stand.

“Come on, Cousin, get up off the floor. It’s bloody cold down there.”

Hal froze where he was, eyes locked on the stone beneath him. Richard’s tone was so casual that he felt he could jostle him in the ribs while cracking a joke – which, of course, he couldn’t – and the surprise had him immobile. His grandfather hoisted him up by the elbow. Hal’s face blazed with embarrassment.

“He is not, Your Highness, as stunned as he would seem.”

“He’s new, is all,” said Richard, kindly. He took Hal’s hand, and Hal thought perhaps he should kiss it. He looked to Ghent for guidance, but the King continued. “And he’ll be my son, for now, until his father can come home. I’m sure Mortimer won’t mind” – he winked good-humouredly at Hal – “so long as you don’t take the throne from him.”

Hal laughed. What else could he do?